14 Ranking Signals For Optimization in 2019

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2 months ago

Every SEO professional is aware of Google’s continuous process of modifying its algorithms and introducing new ranking signals for websites. With more than 200 ranking signals, it is almost impossible for any SEO professional to be an expert of each of them. However, if you work a little intelligently, you can easily master the most popular ranking signals for optimizing your page. Yet, the ranking signals for page optimization changes every year and to ease your job, here you can find 14 ranking signals for the year 2019.

Relevance - A comprehensive knowledge of keywords and search algorithms is not enough for increasing the ranking of your webpage. To impress Google and improve your search engine ranking, providing relevant result is important. The relevance of your page also needs to be in accordance with time, location, and search history and search pattern of the users. Two ranking signals related to page relevance are:

Content - Writing an informative and grammatically correct is undoubtedly important for the survival of your page. However, that is not enough. You also need to follow the below-listed ranking factors when laying out the page.

Backlinks- Even though several additions and alterations have been made by Google in terms of algorithms, so far nothing has substituted the need of backlinks. Therefore, like the previous years, backlinks will be a determinant factor in the year 2019 as well. The best way to increase your backlinks is to check the linking profiles of your competitors and compare. Also, know the intersection points and get yourself equipped. A few ranking factors related to backlinks are as follows:

User feedback- SEO professionals and website owners are facing a constant pressure of maintaining the quality of their content, as Google is giving huge importance to user feedback. Your page should not only be informative but also it should be convenient and super fast on every device as well as the browser. Therefore, to excel in this field, you need to concentrate on the ranking signals listed below:

Conclusion- To make your site rank on the top, concentrate on the quality of your articles, backlinks and user experience. Also, keep a watch on your competitors and make the necessary changes to stay ahead in the competition.

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